Emergency Rent Assistance

  • Call: 503.615.0770

Community Action has limited resources to provide emergency rent assistance to help prevent or overcome homelessness. Funds are very limited and may not be available in all areas.

How do I apply?
To apply for this emergency help you must call the telephone number above and leave a message requesting to be screened for eligibility and availability of funds. Your voice mail message must include a phone number where you definitely can be reached, along with your zip code. A 72-hour eviction notice or a new lease agreement for the month in which you are requesting assistance is needed in order to apply.

Income Guidelines for the Emergency Rent Program

Based on 60% of Median Income (Statewide Average)

# in household Annual income Monthly incone
1 $22,626.00 $1,885.50
2 $29,587.00 $2,465.58
3 $36,549.00 $3,045.75
4 $43,511.00 $3,625.92
5 $50,473.00 $4,206.08
6 $57,435.00 $4,786.25
7 $58,740.00 $4,895.00
8 $60,045.00 $5,003.75

More Information on the Web

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