What Your Gifts Create

Every gift you make benefits families seeking a path out of poverty. How personal and meaningful is your gift? Consider the costs of just a few of the high-impact services we provide for our clients, and the difference you can make with your support.

$10 One gallon of paint or glue for a Head Start classroom. Cost of food provided in one food box
$50 Leverages matching federal dollars to prevent a family from being evicted

Six hours of our onsite literacy training program (The Learning Circle) for a child care practitioner
$100 A rug for a classroom community area where children gather for circle time

Helps to prevent a household from having gas or electricity shut off

Cost of tenant education course for one client
$145 Cost of providing specialized services to a child during a shelter stay
$250 About one week of fuel for a Head Start bus

A book for every child in a Head Start classroom to encourage reading exploration

Fees for one child care provider to earn Child Development Associate (CDA) credentialing, which improves the quality of child care in Washington County

A cord of firewood for a family relying on wood-burning heat during the winter months
$500 Funding for early-childhood care practitioners to earn CDA credentialing

Fills a home oil tank for heating during the winter months

Prevents a family from being evicted from home
$1,000 Prevents two families from being evicted from their homes

Cost to provide support services to one household for one year

One housing specialist's services per household
$2,500 Bilingual curriculum materials specially designed for preschool-age children who are learning English

Prevents five families from being evicted from their homes

Average cost of move-in assistance required to re-house one homeless household
$5,000 Prevents 10 families from being evicted from their homes

Average cost of move-in assistance combined with medium-term rent assistance per homeless household